Saturday, January 29, 2011

TEDUGAL Customer FeedBack

It was a big relief to be escorted from Yundum airport by Tedugal driver. Colorful plants and flowers. Next time I wont forget to take that very first picture.


  1. Testing commenting TEDUGAL customer feed back...

  2. Tedugal is just the best place for holiday makers...

  3. Had a very good month at Tedugal. The staff were brilliant,we enjoyed cooking with Isa. The only thing missing was the sunbeds. will definitely be booking for next year.

  4. FROM:>
    DATE: Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 11:28 PM
    SUBJECT: Vi tackar för oss.

    Hej Bala
    Jag vill gärna berätta lite för dig hur vi upplevde att bo i ett av dina två hus i Bijilo.
    Lägenheten som vi hyrde var naturligtvis för stor för oss två, vi använde endast 2 av de 6 rummen.
    I köket trivdes vi riktigt bra eftersom vi gillar att laga mat blev det mycket spännande Gambiska råvaror som vi tillagade där,
    Bra med AC i både tv rummet och sovrummet, gott med varmt vatten i duschen, ute i trädgården var det också trevligt och ännu trevligare blir det när allt är klart.
    Tjejerna som var allt i allo gjorde ett bra jobb, kändes också tryggt att veta att Securitas vakten alltid fanns där.
    På hemsida står att det ska ta 25 minuter till beachen, det tvivlade vi starkt på när vi kom ner, vi tyckte den första dagen att huset låg lite off.
    Men vi såg snabbt charmen i att det låg just där, grannens tupp väckte oss tidigt på morgonen, det tog en minut till affären där vi köpte färskt bröd varje morgon, vi åt en lång härlig frukost ute på altan.
    Vi lärde oss sedan att uppskatta promenaden till beachen det var då vi träffade Gambierna, det fanns inga turister där.
    Vi hälsade på i skolan, campingen, sjukhuset, affär och en "typ" ungdomsgård. Det var annorlunda och spännande att gå runt i Bijilo,
    Internet caféet är däremot stängt för gått,
    Informationen på hemsidan stämmer det tar inte mer än 25 minuter till stranden om man "pinnar på" men det gjorde inte vi, ha ha
    Vi snackade med folk och köpte alltid frukt, osv

    Ska vi åka till Gambia igen kommer vi med glädje att hyra en lägenhet av dig och vi kan rekommendera andra att göra det samma
    Gambia är inget billigt land, allt som är importerat är dyrt och på de inhemska jänsterna och varorna råder en helt galen konkurrens det gäller att ständigt pruta katastrofalt mycket ändå blir man lurad då och då.
    Det är mycket tufft för de fattiga i Gambia, lönerna är urusla och många svälter bokstavligt talat, hoppas att någon förändring kommer inom sinom tid annars kan det sluta som i Egypten
    Jag skickar lite bilder, du kanske kan använda dem i din marknadsföring, jag ställer också självklart upp om du vill ha någon referens,

    ha det gott
    Birgitta och Rolf

  5. 11 weeks of a wonderful stay at TEDUGAL. Ice cold gambian beer (Julbrew), delicious gambian dishes, grab-and-bite fresh fruits directly from the mother tree, BBQ & palm wine, fantastic staff, environmental friendly atmosphere, luxuriously furnished houses, friendly neighbors, etc etc. List can be longer. Thank you all for giving me a pleasant stay.

  6. My son and I stayed at Tedugal for two weeks (arrival: July 5, 2011). We had a great time there. Banaa's cooking was absolutely amazing, I would stay there again just to eat! The place benefits from having power and water 24 hours, although the power situation in this part of Gambia has dramatically improved over last summer.

    Now for the (constructive) criticisms: There are not that many really, I would recommend deep cleaning the carpets and the sofas in the sitting area. In the Gambian climate, fabrics are particular vulnerable to collecting things (for example, dust, sweat, and so on). Oh, and the night watchman (Alioue) was sometimes asleep...not very effective.

    The place could also really benefit from having wireless, which they said was coming soon so that's good. Lastly, a bit more attention can be paid to mosquito patrol. Perhaps spraying the rooms after cleaning?

    Anyway, I will definitely book to stay there again, very soon! Especially now that I see the pictures of afra! Didn't know that Banaa could do that too!

    Warm regards,
    Aaron and Alagie

  7. Hi Bala, first of all I would like to say what a lovely time we spent at Tedugal. Muttar was great, he looked after us very well and was helpful and friendly. Lamin and Abdoulie on security were also great and looked after us very well and the cleaners, Bana, Isatou and Fatou were so lovely, friendly and helpful. You have a good team there. I spoke to Muttar before coming home and we would like to book again.

    Please extend our thanks and greetings to Muttar and all team fom myself, my mother Mary and my husband Ousman.

    Best wishes kath

  8. We stayed at Tegudal for one week last Easter. It was a nice place with a good atmosphere. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Ismael, Lamin, the night porter, the girls…all of them were great. The house is not by the seaside but they offered us the opportunity to rent their 4WD (with driver optional) for a very reasonable price. That was very handy for us. Bala, the owner is very professional and he fallows up your whole stay.
    As far as the energy and water supply, it is not so good. The power goes off often and their system is not strong enough to supply all the electrical appliances and the air conditioning. So although you had booked the room with air conditioning if the power goes off you won’t have any. I also missed mosquito nets in the beds.
    However ,after talking to Bala, It seems he is going to fix those things.
    In general our stay was great. We loved the country, the people and the place. And yes, we will go back to Tegudal and will recommend it to everybody. Great team!

  9. Just back from a great 2 week holiday with my family.
    We stayed at tedugal from the 2nd november 2016 to the 16th november 2016.
    We got a great welcome from all the staff which the helped us with all our laugage into the ground floor apartment.
    Very clean and tidy.
    My son who is just 3 years old and very shy around new people soon came out of his shell,all the staff talked to him and edward,joe,isha,fatou,rahnee all got him chatting to them.
    Edward let my son open and close the gates when cars were going out and comming in,joe let him help clean the pool with him and he was even helping the girls to clean apartment too.
    Musa the night supervisor was great to if you needed anything,nothing was a problem to him and always helped out.
    Bala and musa have great staff and we keep intouch now we are home with all the staff,
    Keep up the good work bala and musa and see you all very soon as we have the gambian bug now and want to visit again.
    Thanking for making our first holiday to the gambia and tedugal guest house a memerable one.
    Thanks from all 8 in our party.

  10. What a wonderful and peaceful accommodation! With friendly and helpful staff! I have enjoyed my stay for 4 weeks and have met beautiful and special people there! I will definitely go back! Kind regards, Luci

  11. Hello Bala, just want to say thank you and your wonderful staff for making my stay at Tedugal guest house a great experience. I have travelled to 19 countries and my stay at your guest house is amongst the top. It's particularly different in that it felt like a stay from home to home. Please extend my thanks to both the day and night staff for making my stay an enjoyable one. I will definitely recommend it . Thank you.